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Medical Billing and Coding Experts – GreenSense Billing

Imagine getting complete Medical Billing and Coding Services platform to transform your medical practice into an innovative exercise where you can diligently take care of your patients and get paid without any hassle.

Get yourself acquainted with the best team of Medical Billing and Coding Services Experts and Specialists having decades of experience with world’s best EHR systems.

As being Partners with the World’s Renowned Medical Billing Software Companies, We offer the best medical billing software platform for all your medical claim processing & Revenue Cycle Management.

GreenSense Billing gives you the opportunity to transform your healthcare productivity by getting your medical bills paid in time and secure your revenue. You focus on taking care of your patients & GreenSense Billing does the rest.  With a user-friendly medical billing dashboard and patient tools, GreenSense Billing offers you one-stop-solution for all your medical billing services,  where you can manage your entire medical billing practice, patient appointments, scheduling, coding, claim filing and submission, billing resolutions, financial reporting and analytics, and much more.

About Greensense Billing

GreenSense Billing is a small family company with big ideas to serve our clients. We recognize the fact that with time medical providers get more and more buried under paper work while struggling to get paid on their provided services to patients. Our team entails 20 plus years of collective experience in handling medical billing and medical collections and getting the highest possible dollar value on bill payment from the insurance companies. Our proven methods and incisive denial management constantly deliver above average results.

Our Vision

We are a medical billing company and our vision is to reinstitute the small town doctor patient relationship where the doctors stay focused on taking care of their patients while we take care of their business.

Our Mission

We believe that simplicity combined with current technology can turn the ever complex process of dropping bills and getting paid into a cost-effective and streamlined process.

Why Choose us?

We will be an active partner in producing success through reducing your cost and increasing the revenue with our effective revenue cycle management process.

Tips for Leak-Proofing Revenue

Patient check-in is a critical point to your revenue cycle. If you’re not able to quickly pull up patient information, copays, and balances due at check-in, you’re going to be leaking cash all over the place. Here’s the source of the most common leaks:

  • Failing to verify patient information
  • Not knowing or having to search for the right co-pay amount
  • Not knowing if the patient has a balance due
  • Not checking patient insurance benefits
  • Failing to get authorizations before providing services
  • Not giving patients convenient payment options like online paying or credit card on file

Claims denials are responsible for lots of lost time and money. With the transition to ICD-10, it’s more important than ever to double check claims. Green Sense Billing gives you a perfect Medical Billing Solution to help you manage your entire claims process in one place. You’ll save money by streamlining and managing your claims better than ever before through our medical billing services.

Collecting the money that you’re owed is the best way to close bad debt holes and capture lost revenue. Modern patient portal tools within Patient give you several money-saving solutions to improve your collections. The portal is integrated with our EHR and practice management for one seamless revenue-collecting solution. All that is required is a link from your practice website, an Internet connection, and authorization to access the patient portal.

Our Managed Billing Offers Full Suite of Features

Practice Management Software

World’s Leading Practice Management Software tool at your fingertips for all your medical billing needs.


EHR Software Tool

Smart EHR software tool for raising the standards of your health care and having you to plan ahead to streamline all your billing tasks with automation and efficiency


Patient Portal

Our integrated patient engagement portal would allow you to stay updated and connected with your patient at all times while accessing the information in real-time


Managed Billing Services

Our seamless revenue cycle management services is a convenient way for you to get paid for all your medical services in an instant without delays.


Easy User Interface Dashboard

Smart dashboards to help you monitor and analyze all your billing and revenue generation progress with easy navigation tools.


Patient Engagement Tool

Stay connected with all your patients and get engaged with them through your patient engagement tool.


Financial Data Analytics

You can now access real-time data analytics for all your financial information and see how well are you performing in your revenue generation.


Patient Cards

With special electronic patient cards, you can easily offer a more convenient way to be able to manage or share patient data.


Reminder Alerts

You can even set reminder alerts to always set ahead  before scheduling any appointment, simplifying workload tasks and working out your priorities.


Reputation Management

Manage your online reputation of your medical practice with reputation management which helps you submit and collect patient reviews and survey to capitalize on your goodwill and medical success reputation.



You can prescribe medications more safely and effectively while analyzing, review and keeping track of all your patient information, medical history and treatment plans with EHR software tool.



You can satisfy your patients with telemedicine and  extensive care coverage with reduce costs.


Reliable Convenience for all your medical billing and coding hassles

With GreenSense Billing, you can have the convenience to stay connected from anywhere in the world and get access to all your medical related information including patient appointment scheduling, patient treatment plans and reports, scheduling updates etc. GreenSense Billing would allow you to establish a profound relationship with your patient, which is trustworthy and reliable, just as GreenSense Billing is committed for your medical billing solutions.

Elaborate and Complete

You can get access to medical billing software from top tier software companies to get personalized medical billing tools for patient management, tracking, appoint scheduling, and revenue cycle management.

Better Interoperability

All your medical billing workflows would synchronize easily to give you extensive information and data analytics on all your medical revenues, patient information and billing processes.

Real-time Intelligence

All your medical billing processes and workflows are automated to provide real-time information which is accurate and 100% error-free.

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