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IT & Custom Software Development

Our strength is exemplified by the quality &
scope of services we offer to our customers.

Protégé Global has a team of highly talented and vastly experienced
software engineers. Our professionals understand the IT requirements
unique to a wide range of businesses and know how to identify and
implement a customized solution. We ensure that once we take a project
on-board, we provide complete solutions to our valued client.


  • Managed Web Hosting
  • QA Testing/Automation
  • Design & Development
  • E-Commerce


Some amazing features of our IT & Custom Software Development

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Managed Web Hosting

Our web hosting service would provide you with greater control, high level of security, and the optimal performance.

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Server/Infrastructure Administration

Through our server/infrastructure administration services, you will receive stable support for your IT infrastructure with unparalleled levels of uptime.

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Data & Application Security Services

Our custom data and application security services utilize the latest data protection technology to help you maintain an effective risk-balanced strategy..

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Remote Support

Our remote support service is capable of providing your business with round the clock security of your IT network, so your business can achieve maximum network uptime.

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We can provide your business with a complete e-commerce solution ranging from consultation, e-commerce store development, digital marketing to support & maintenance.

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Website Design & Development

Our website development team can provide your business website with cutting edge functionality and optimal user experience.

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Customer Service Support
(Call Center)

Protégé Global has a comprehensive employee training and development program, which ensures that our customer support staff is able to provide the highest quality standards. We set the industry standard for customer support services by successfully delivering individually tailored call center solutions to our diverse range of international clients.


Sales & Order Processing

Our customer service representatives have highly developed sales and business development skills, who can drastically improve your business revenues.


24/7 Technical Support

Our staff consists of highly trained individuals, who have the capability of providing diverse and accurate technical support to customers.


Lead Generation

Our experts can develop relevant and business specific leads, to have a positive impact on your organizational sales.


Live Chat Support Services

Our live chat support staff has the capability of providing prompt & adequate responses to all of your client queries.



Our telemarketers can help grow your business in diverse international customer markets.


General Booking Services

Our customer service professionals can handle the complete order booking function of your business.



Our white glove virtual assistant solutions are a specialized version of our value added BPO services, providing the administrative and organization staff you need with a variable cost structure. Protégé Global utilizes its biggest strength, which is our highly qualified team of professionals, to provide diverse administrative solutions for our customers. Our virtual assistants provide outsourcing solutions for critical administrative processes and related functions for any organization. This means improved efficiency and productivity with an advantageous and flexible cost structure.


  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Medical Billing
  • Content Development
  • Specialized Analysis


With highly qualified team of professionals, we provide diverse administrative solutions for our customers.

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Data Entry Specialists

Our professionals would ensure that all of business data and critical reports are automated, while maintaining an optimal level of accuracy.


Content Development

Our content development professionals would ensure that high quality and relevant content is provided for your business.

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Recording Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of meetings have a crucial impact on future organizational discussions and planning activities.

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Specialized Analysis and Reporting

We can provide you with customized reporting services and diverse forms of data analysis.

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Database Modification

Our database modification team can help optimize and develop large databases for your organization.

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Call Management Services

We can handle your complete call management function, providing you with a cost efficient and reliable solution.

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